Welcome to my blog, a place I'm creating for any free spirited adventurous soul to follow along on my journey as a photographer who loves a good adventure. I really started traveling the world in my early 30's, but I have always been up for an early morning sunrise, star gaze or fun on a whim. I've always booked the trip, and figured out how to make it work after. It always does if you manifest it! Living, simply put, has always been a top priority of mine. Life is short and sweet, set the alarm, book the trip, follow the dream, do the thing you've always wanted to do, make it happen. You choose! You pave the way. I was always able to find careers that let my life be someone flexible, but as I got older, I realized I needed more room for exactly how I wanted to live. I broke away from being employed, and went to booth renting in my(now 24 year) hair career, and still today continue to grow my photography business (which I couldn't do without you!). I am also a 500 RYT yoga teacher and truly find so much joy in what I do. "If you do something you love, you'll never work a day in your life." I strive for this feeling and most days feel this way. The flexibility I decided to create for myself gave my family the opportunity to take the trips we dreamed about for a long time. So if you are here, reading this, know that you can make your life exactly how you want it. Work hard, dream big, set goals, do the things! This blog journey for me has just begun, and I am not a fancy writer, nor do I really have any idea how to do this whole blog thing, but I am excited to learn, so welcome, and enjoy!