Flathead Lake Polson Motor Coach Resort

JULY 27, 2023

What a view! What an RV park! Our drives in between locations are long, longer than most people we talk to commit to. We push about 500 miles a day when we drive, taking us about 6-8 hours with stops for gas and the dogs. Most people we spoke to drive about 300 miles a day, but we would never get anywhere, and Brian doesn't mind driving long hauls as long as we break them up. We were all ready to shower, get dressed for real life and get out of the RV. We decided to do dinner on the lake at The Shoe https://thelakeviewshoe.com/ . Walking distance to the RV park, we drove down because the road is long, but you could absolutely walk as well. I recommend the filet with the parmesan mushroom sauce, OMG good. I will forever crave this now. Drinks were also fabulous. The view was outstanding and the service was great. Perfect way to settle into the flathead lake area.

Our site at https://www.polsonrvresort.com/ Polson had an amazing outdoor kitchen and the weather was perfection. There was a gas fireplace and comfortable seating to relax. The area was safe and beautiful, and was also close to town. Chevy made it to Flathead Lake, Montana! Girl is living her best life. My heart will forever be grateful that she made this trip. Summer made us breakfast, and we have been loving our air fryer. Easy to use and so far makes everything to perfection! (we have a Ninja). Eggs on the outdoor stove, bacon in the air fryer, perfect start to the day! I have to say, I was not sure what a month in the RV was going to feel like with kids, and 3 dogs, and 24/7 with my husband, but it's pretty awesome. I have realized we live in this 24/7, need to have, need to have more, need to buy, need to be doing world that we have all created for ourselves when we live in busy towns and communities. Stepping outside of that hustle, leaving behind the demand to respond immediately to people, be on 24/7 etc, there is some real magic in all of this that I will bring home with me for sure. What is there to do on Flathead lake?

JULY 28, 2023

Cherry picking season in the north west, apparently Montana and even better in Michigan, is in early July. The first two weeks. We asked the park where we could go experience cherry picking and they gave us same orchard names. We ended up close by at Spindrift Organics https://spindriftorganics.com/ . This orchard was adorable, the owners were really nice, and the grounds were clean and beautiful. I was sad that we missed the rainier cherries by a week or so, but we still had a lot of fun picking sweetheart cherries. I didn't find any fun chips or anything local regarding cherries like we did in Michigan, but we managed to eat all of our fresh cherries right up before I had time to even think of what to make with them. Our last goal for our stay in the Polson area was to swim in the lake. Flathead lake is know as one of the top few clearest, cleanest lakes in the WORLD! Google and online blogs and reviews come in really handy on these trips, which is what began to inspire my own blog. It's so helpful to be able to go online and read about the best options and places to go, and to see photos.

Flathead Lake State Park, Big arm unit, great swimming spot. Also learned that from Big Arm to Rollins is the most scenic drive along Flathead Lake, so we decided to do both. The water temperature was perfection paired with the hot day and full sun. We have just been blown away by the lakes and flowing rivers here, crystal clear. Summer and I decided this swim spot was the funnest and best place we have ever swam in our lives. we would come back here just for a week of swimming and hanging out for sure. After swimming we enjoyed our last night on our patio with margaritas, a delicious steak dinner and a beautiful view. Officially big fans of Flathead Lake and the Polson area.

JU:LY 29, 2023

On the road again. The drives through these north west states are so beautiful. Farm land upon farm land and the cutest little towns sprinkled all around. Next stop, Glacier.