Cedar Point Sandusky, OH

JULY 17, continued

We arrived to Lighthouse RV park at Cedar Point around 6 pm. Ours stairs didn't open. Slides weren't opening. UGH. we turned the RV back on, they opened. For some reason our battery was reading dead, even though it was not dead. Brian was able to call Fleetwood RV help line, they walked him through a few tests and landed on a damaged spark plug, off to the auto parts store he went. And voila! fixed stairs, fixed battery. Thank goodness Brian can do these things, and is really good at it. Luckily we were in a place that had lots nearby to help us out quickly. Some RV parks are just in the middle of nowhere and these things would take more time. As I've said before though, its all part of it and you have to know that and be ready for it if you plan a month trip living in an RV.

Steps aside now, this RV park is pretty special! We can see a handful of rollercoasters from our site, and hear them. We are on Lake Erie, backed right up to it on a water site (site 425), on an end spot, that we booked last summer when we started planning this trip. RV life is not for the typical Scorpio (Josh -cough cough), so much planning at least a year in advance is necessary if you are headed to any popular state or national parks, or big popular amusement parks at that! You will also get the best sites this way, waterfront, end site, closest to what you are there to do/see. Privacy, near or far to the pool and action, etc. Most RV parks are dog friendly, which is also a HUGE reason why we wanted to travel this way, not for the faint hearted because oh my its work hahaha, but totally worth it to have your babies with you.

We love when we get to a site and have a firepit (or the state allows them in general because of forest fire hazards). There was also a small field next to us full of fireflies, and some pretty perfect weather to go along with out arrival. The dogs are INSANE on arrival, completely out of their minds. So much pent up energy from sleeping all day, but on a good note, they are so good in the RV. They rest and snuggle the entire time.

We took a lot of notes on what not to do from our first two trips across the country in a rental RV. First trip we flew out to San Fransisco, spent a few nights in a hotel there, picked up a cruise America rental from underneath a filth highway overpass, and hit the road having no idea what so ever how to RV. Highlighted learning experiences - don't forget to check the microwave before departure (which I've since done once in our own RV, still learning) don't leave things free standing while in route, seems simple but its constant (cambucha does not smell good or clean up well when spilt all over the place in a vehicle of any sort) FRIDGE LOCK. still forgetting this. Actually just happened an hour ago hahaha. lost a couple eggs, this one was on Summer. The list goes on.

Back to the fire while the sun was setting! This summer the sunsets have been wild. So much smoke from the Canadian wild fires causing so many air quality warnings and smokey skies. Leaving the sunrises and sunsets to ominous to say the least. A bright orange ball floating in the sky, you can stare directly into it, sometimes hard to decipher wether its the moon or the sun. We made steak tips on our tiny green topped Weber camp grill, and a salad to pair. Drank some wine, walked the beach and showed Summer a close up look at Cedar point and how it lines the coast like something out of a movie, and called it a night. She is SO excited to hit the park tomorrow.

JULY 18, 2023

YOGA. This practice is so close to my heart, and sometimes really hard to access on the road. But I'm staying determined to make the time. I rolled out my mat, threw my AirPods in, grabbed the 8 pound weights we brought (we also brought 5 pounds) and picked one of my playlists to keep my flow in line. YES. It's all I could think once it was all set up, and to top it off, it was lake side. My yoga community definitely helps keep my practice motivation, but I've got this. It also gives me time to connect to my practice in a different way, and find fun new movement and peace in my body, After the day prior being fully on the road, I'm reminded how much I not only love yoga, but need it for my mental health. A good flow, a perfect cup of coffee and we were ready to go hit the park all day! Activate rollercoaster slave mom, with adrenaline junky daughter.

CEDAR POINT. This park is awesome because we got early admission and could walk right over! Took about 10 minutes max to get over to the gate. Memories came flooding back in of coming here once before in college with my friends. Top Thrill Dragster, there it was. At the time the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the world! (20 years ago almost). I had been telling Summer all about it. How we waiting in line for hours for this new, amazing, terrifying ride and when we were next in line to hop on, shut down without knowing when it would come back on. A sign? I took it as one hahaha. But core memories are so funny right? It is SO engraved in my mind. That moment. We went about or day and did come back to it and rode it in all its fast insane glory. Thrilling. I knew Summer would love it. It also frames the park as you walk in as the center conversation piece. We quickly learned though, it was not running. After some investigating, we realized that in 2021, a woman waiting in line got struck in the head by a metal piece that flew off while the ride was in motion, causing permanent serious brain damage, oooof. Closed down during the lawsuit, etc. Opening back up next year as the same ride but a bit different. While we were there it was getting painted and worked on. Put momentary damper on excitement to hit all these big rides, more for me than it did for Summer because of her age and ability to override. But I couldn't let her down, onward and upward. Thrill rides are her love language.

The rides we rode in our favorite order, and by that I mean Summers favorite order (and we did not get fast passes and if we could go back and do it again we would, totally worth it. We waited in every line for at least an hour, but since we were only there a day, and the fast passes are crazy expensive, we decided to be old school and just wait in the lines.

Varavn - fast and high! Great view of the park. You tip, and hang for 5 seconds or terror. Adrenaline HIGH

Gate Keeper - it's so smooth, does not jerk you around. You feel like a bird flying! The view of Lake Erie is amazing. We smiled the whole ride with our hands up!

Maverick - all American rollercoaster. twists and turns. fast as f.

maXair - Really fun! Great views of the park. Smooth, loved it!

Gemini - Dual coasters "A fun kids ride" - Summer (I loved it, nice fun easy coaster)

Millenium Force - Buckle up. Summer made me wait in line for the front seat. This ride is at the top of the list for me, but made its way to the bottom because we went at dusk (9pm in Ohio) and we were pelted by miggie bugs!! Summer had them all over her forehead hahaha. But I loved it because we went at sunset and the view from the top was OMG good!

Magnum XL 200 - NOPE. awesome view, fun in hindsight. Lap bar ruins the ride. So painful on your legs.

Steel Vengence - we waited in line for over an hour and the ride shut down. We will be back for this one! All the rage.

We LOVE theme parks. And by "we", I speak for Summer and I. Brian is not a fan, he gets dizzy and doesn't feel good. He hung out with the dogs all day, and popped over for a little bit to walk around and check it out with us. Summer and I wish we stayed more days here, we had the absolute best time and we will definitely be back!! We made rice and kielbasa before bed, and crashed hard.

JULY 19, 2023

We want to stay longerrrrr!! Absolutely planning a 2024 trip back here. We walked over 12 miles yesterday per Summers watch, so we got our movement in yesterday! Today we hit the road again, so we took the pups for a nice long walk before getting on the road around 9. Stairs are still working good, we are sleeping good, and having a blast. On to Michigan!

Link to where we stayed on bottom of this post! Enjoy