What a morning already

July 21/22

20 minutes behind schedule. This stresses Brian out much more than me, but he's the one driving. We are picking up Tylere today, so that added stress for time. Some F bombs, generally and a few at each other, and we were on the road. Freemont RV was nice, it used to be a jelly stone, and just got bought out this year. Perfect stop if you are just passing through. (Winston is not doing bathroom things in this photo, just pulling like a bucking bronco lol, thank you for the bum shot buddy.)

We got about 10 minutes down the road and check engine light. FUCK. what the FUCK. Ok, for starters this RV is brand new, 2022 5000 miles on it. Back story, on our way home from Hilton Head South Carolina this same thing happened. We drove for a while with it on, then blinking, then a noise and the orange wrench symbol went on. Needless to say we were on the side of the road on the Mass turnpike in the pouring (POURING) rain and fog, with 3 dogs and a kid. UGH. Talk about PTSD and now we are in Wisconsin. Why are we doing this shit? Why? Wasn't that enough, fuck. Regroup. You're ok. We do this because of the adventure and we KNOW it comes with obstacles because that is life. Luckily, my husband is awesome at fixing things and trouble shooting and taking care of the big things. (who got a mouthful from me this am, not all 30 days of travel together come with bliss and rainbows, sorry hunny). We have a fuse reader, and we are pretty sure it's just the gas cap, this has happened before, and it was just the gas cap. So, that's our story for now. We planned ahead and booked an appointment at Sioux Falls Commercial Ford if we need it on Monday. We are not supposed to be here until Monday, but if something comes up, we have a plan. Luckily there are so many Commercial truck places out here, worst case. I'm ready for a Margarita though, I'm not going to lie.





July 21/22 continued....

We are hoping to have Tylere uber from the airport to us tonight, especially with our engine light delay. When we got to Wisconsin last night, we set up, walked the dogs (its always sheer chaos with them on arrival, new smells, new place, new dogs, allllll the exciting things) and then we took a ride to Walmart into a big thunder storm rolling through. The closest Walmart was 30 minutes. Really the last thing we wanted to do but we forgot Summers mattress pad for the table that turns into a bed that's not super comfy, and since Tylere will be here tonight, we wanted to make we had one for her. Bonus for the ride, we saw a huge double rainbow!! Two of them actually! The Walmart in the town of Adams was HUGE! All the things you'd need, and more. Summer got a new pair of comfy sandals, more food, it goes quick because there's not a ton of room, ice, and a few other things. We are ready for Tylere, and whatever the rest of this trip brings, as ready as we can be!